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Solar & Battery Storage Solutions

We design and create solar and battery storage solutions for maximum energy efficiency.

Our clean energy solutions are made possible through renewable technologies and our expertise in energy auditing, solar installation and monitoring.

We provide truly end-to-end renewable energy solutions from commercial design through to grid application and power consumption logging.

Our team of engineers and building analytics specialists will work with you to design a commercial system that meets your building's current and future power demands and maximising long-term savings.

Once your building's solar design is finalised, our qualified technicians install high quality solar panels, power invertors and associated system hardware to the highest standards!

Battery storage allows you to store and use excess energy created by your solar system during more expensive 'peak' use periods.

Reviewing your organisation’s lighting controls is an effective method to reduce your power consumption through the installation of LEDs and lighting sensors.

We design and sell our own GridSafe Network Protection boards to ensure all our systems are protected from over-voltage and under-voltage.

Auditing is a super important component in evaluating where and how your energy is used. It’s where we like to kick the process off with all our clients.

SCG examines the retail providers' tariff structure and billing arrangement to find the best price of electricity for our clients.

Injection testing on secondary protection relays is mandatory for most electricity distributors across the country and is essential to getting your system commissioned.

Distribution networks have specific requirements and ever-changing compliance processes, which makes it difficult for business owners and solar vendors to connect their systems to the grid.

Air-conditioning, heating and insulation play a large role in a building's thermal efficiency. Auditing, optimising and sometimes replacing heating and cooling units is vital to increasing efficiency.

Logging power consumption analysis is essential so that we can understand how our clients consume and use energy, and where savings can be made.

Power factor is a number which ranges from 0 – 1 and is a representation of how efficiently a site uses power.

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